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March 16, 2013

Openness in education

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Openness in education

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A brief glimpse inside my head – scary innit? I set myself a target of posting this today before I went to buy beer to enjoy with the big rugby game this afternoon so this is as much as you’ll be getting.

I’m fortunate in that I work for an organisation with “open” in its name. I’ve been involved in some of the projects mention in Martin’s paper and I’ve used OERs in my own practice for many years. In short I come to this with baggage; I have “previous” m’lud.

I think the node on the left is probably idealistic, the idea that anything is completely unbounded is a chimera but we have fewer limitations than traditional classroom-based transmission teaching.

I’ve put an icon next to trust/confidence because they seem to be the biggest hurdles to participation. Patrick McAndrew’s work, as cited by Martin, suggests that few users repurposed OpenLearn OERs because they were of such a high standard; “Big OERs”, but it is also daunting to take something of this quality and to then change it and make it available to an online audience. Participation in any online endeavour through forums, blogging, wikis, creating artifacts, etc is like getting naked in public  – I use that metaphor frequently when working with groups who will be using online tools – we have to feel confident before we expose our ideas online. I’m sure many others on the MOOC feel much the same just now and that, for some, posting “out in the world” will be a step they don’t feel comfortable taking.

Edited to add a title – d’oh!


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