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June 3, 2008

(How) Social networks work

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Following on from my socialearn post I mailed Stavros about his installation piece and he replied, after reading that post, and pointing me towards Patrick Keiller and the movement of psychogeographers.

As an aide memoir I bunged that on Twitter which automatically updates my Facebook status.

I then got a message from Rob Spence, dare I say a friend though we’ve yet to meet, who had seen my FaceBook status and sent me a link to a book (on Amazon) which is a psychographic view of London.

Okay so it’s not a cure for the common cold but a small group of people (who have never met) exchanged information across the web. Someone else was able to help me “construct knowledge” by offering a contribution to a social commons. Regardless of the use of 21st C applications it harks back to the ethos of cooperation on which the Internet was founded and which Rheingold characterised as the glue which helped build The WELL and still puts at the heart of Smart Mobs.


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